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Evan Rabinowitz

Co-Founder, Pres. & CEO

Ops, Growth & Marketing

Direct: (206) 659.7091

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Aaron M. Bale

Co-Founder & CTO/CIO

Information Technology

Direct: (206) 234.5991

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Business & Marketing Management

Originally from Oregon, Evan is a lifelong entrepreneur, having started his first business at 12. With years of experience and track record of successful business ventures, Evan has founded and headed a number of successful companies, and boasts a single client revenue growth in excess of $33 million. Evan has raised >$20 million for small businesses.


Evan's Experience Includes:

  • Interim CFO & CEO of Heresy Software & Entertainment, Inc.
  • Co-Founder &  Owner of A&C Concepts, LLC
  • Chief Financial Officer for SMS Holdings & Investments
  • Board of Directors – Marysville-Tulalip Chamber of Commerce
  • Commendation from Boys & Girls Club of Snoh. County

Information Technology Management

A Washington native, Aaron has been involved in technology and small business for well over a decade, co-founding an extremely successful medical software support team in the late 1990s.  Aaron has several degrees from Seattle Pacific University, and numerous commendations for his excellent work supporting non-profits and charities.


Aaron's Experience Includes:

  • CTO/CIO of Heresy Software & Entertainment, Inc.
  • Owner of Interconnected Technologies, LLC
  • Co-Founder and Pres. of Apothecare, Inc.
  • Special Recognition Award; Seattle Pac. University
  • Holds 3 distinct degrees in Engineering & Computer Science

Join the Team

Do you have what it takes to join the BizTech Team?  Do you want to create, innovate, and support your community?  Then you should take a look at our open positions!


We are always looking for the following qualities:

  • Not afraid of a challenge
  • Eager to explore new ideas
  • Love Technology
  • Driven and Self-Motivated
  • Natural-Born Leaders
  • Fantastic Collaborators

Chad A. Burris

Exec. VP & Ops Director

Operations & Finance

Direct: (360) 474-7248

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Business & Marketing Management

A Virginia transplant, Chad has worked with a number of rapidly developing companies and has played a pivotal role in establishing a number of small businesses, both locally and nationwide.  Chad's background includes operations, accounting, and digital market analytics.


Chad's Experience Includes:

  • CFO & President of Heresy Software & Entertainment, Inc.
  • Degree in Accounting Sciences
  • President of Head2Desk Games, Inc.
  • Received awards from YMCA

Christopher Lute

VP Technical Services

Information Technology

Direct: (425) 312.3059

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Information Technology Management

Born in Washington, Christopher has had a lifelong relationship with Information Technology and computers, in addition to recognition for his strong attention to detail and quality.  Chris is an exemplary member of the BizTech team and has consistently been a driving force behind the IT team's forward motion.  Customers appreciate his patient demeanor and attention to quality.


Chris's Experience Includes:

  • 2 years Quality Assurance for Hyperquality
  • 1 year CAT tester for HCL Technologies
  • 20 years industry experience in Information Technology
  • A+ Certified

Brett Boyette

Creative Lead

Direct: (425) 954.3237

E-mail Brett

Graphic & Digital Design Management

Alaska born and raised, Brett moved to the Seattle area in 2005 to pursue her career in graphic design. Brett is highly motivated, creative, versatile, and skilled in creating and producing high end business to business and consumer facing designs. She is accomplished at incorporating the desires of the client with a superior design solution.


Brett's Experience Includes:

  • 8 years industry experience in Graphic Design
  • Received Communicator Awards in Print & Design in 2013 & 2014
  • Holds 2 distinct degrees in Art & Animation and English

Richard Sherry

Lead Software Developer

Direct: (360) 548.4212

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Software Development Lead

Richard was born in California but has been in the Seattle area since he was young.  He has worked on numerous varied projects ranging from web design and simple web games to camera systems for aerospace drones and storage systems for cloud-based and enterprise-level companies.  After nearly 15 years of programming, Richard has an eye for detail and polish as well as a passion for maintainable, expandable, testable solutions.


Richard's Experience Includes:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
  • Proficient w/ numerous programming languages & frameworks (25+)
  • 8 years of professional programming experience